Finding Healing Connections

In addition to being a mental health therapist, Nancy is also an intuitive healer.

All of these services are private pay and cannot be billed to insurance.  Nancy’s private pay rate for intuitive services are $100 per hour.

Intuitive Services Provided

  • Connecting with loved ones who have passed, angels, and guides
  • Support for those with terminal illnesses and loved one of those with terminal illnesses
  • Healing wounded relationships and intergenerational trauma with loved ones who have passed
  • Increasing spiritual sensitivity to recognize spiritual messages and “validations”
  • Assistance with exploring and increasing one’s ability to connect with the Spirit Realms and increasing one’s own spirituality
  • Understanding the divine masculine and the divine feminine for support in having healthier relationships
  • Support for Starseeds and Empaths-learning emotional and energetic boundaries
  • Assistance with healing all types of spiritual wounding

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