``You are wounded, not broken. You need to heal. You do not need to be fixed.``

Healing is a process. It is not something that happens immediately or overnight. Think about how long it took to become wounded. Think about how your body heals from an illness or injury. It is a process of healing, and depending on the complexity of the issue or issues, depends on how long the healing process will take. The same way are bodies are designed for healing, emotionally and mentally we are designed for healing as well. We can support or alienate the process by how we behave. We can support the healing process by resting, taking care of ourselves, and being patient. Healing can be a bumpy ride at times. Healing is not necessarily an easy process but well worth the effort. And you are not alone. Nancy at Finding Your Center Counseling is here to accompany you on your journey of healing. There is great hope regarding what each of us are capable of healing from and the level of healing that is possible. We are innately resilient, and are capable of, and even designed for healing.

-Nancy Harmon, LCMHC          

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Nancy's Philosophy

We tend to our physical bodies every day.  We generally brush our teeth, shower, and exercise regularly.  If we don’t tend to our physical bodies every day, we will start having symptoms right away.  If we don’t get enough food, water, or sleep we will notice very quickly. Sometimes our bodies get sick and we can tend to our healing ourselves, but getting better may require a change in behavior, such as getting more rest and avoiding situations that will aggravate our healing.  But sometimes we have physical health issues that require medical intervention such as the need for surgery, antibiotics, or a stay in the hospital. Interestingly, we do not see tending to our physical bodies as a character flaw. We typically do not say things like, if I was a stronger person, I wouldn’t have this fever.  Or if I had more faith, then I wouldn’t need this antibiotic.  

I believe mentally and emotionally we our designed the same way.  We need to tend to our mental and emotional health every day. We regularly have emotional wounding in life, and sometimes we can tend to it ourselves.  Other times it requires professional intervention. To need professional intervention with our mental and emotional health is not a character flaw. Can you imagine breaking your leg and not getting it set by a doctor when that kind of help is available.  Why suffer needlessly when help and healing is available? We are remarkably resilient people. Our ability to heal from mental and emotional wounding is amazing and worth the effort. We are worth the effort.

Nancy Harmon, LCMHC
EMDRIA Approved Consultant
Trauma & Grief Specialist


Nancy specializes in many areas of healing, including:
  • PTSD
  • Complex Trauma
  • Dissociation
  • Grief
  • Substance Abuse/Addiction 
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

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